Lonce Wyse

Associate Professor

Communications and New Media Department
National University of Singapore
111 Computing Drive
Singapore, 117416

Office: AS6 #07-03

Phone: +65 6516 7277
E-mail: lonce.wyse@nus.edu.sg

Editorial Boards:
  • Computer Music Journal (MIT Press),
  • Organized Sound (Cambridge University Press)

  • Research

    (see Publications)
    Real-time collaborative musical notation
    Interactive sound and media design systems
    Deep Learning and Sound
  • Audio Style Transfer
  • Phase Reconstruction from Spectrograms


    My new on-line Kadenze course, Web Coding Fundamentals for Artists
    NM3238, Software Studies
    NM4224, Sound and Interaction
    NM5209, New Media Art
    NM2207, Computational Media Literacy
    NM1101, Communications, New Media, and Society
    GS6887A, Sound, Music, and Mind

    The Arts and Creativity Lab at IDMI

    A'n'C Website Various projects
    Art/Science Residency Program


    jsaSound - library of interactive sound models for the web - securely served for you microphonal enjoyment.
    Anticipatory Score - Multi-user real-time musical notation and synthesis

    Divertissements including
  • Systems of multiple 3D Lorenz equations
  • Following Casey Reas following Sol LeWitt
  • Moire and Risset Beats patters complementing each other.

    Software (Code)

    My Github repositories
    Helpful code snippets for web hacking


    (see my CV)